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Meet the Team

One of the cornerstones of any business is its people. The TMP success story is well and truly anchored around great people and it has been my mission to collect as many great people as I possibly can. As you can see from the team below we have a diverse array of people and styles but the common factor that joins us all is our belief in our products and that everything we do is centred on you, our client.

Brian Abrahamson

Brian Abrahamson

Managing Director

I have been involved in the traffic business for many years and have managed numerous teams and businesses in the public and private sectors. Some of my roles have included positions in the Department of Defence, NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW Transport Management Centre, Driver Training and Education Centre, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Managment Centre and Traffic Technologies.

Kathleen Abrahamson

Accounts Manager

I manage the Accounts Section of Traffic Management People. My experience stems from logistic management in the Department of Defence, NSW Coal Compensation Board, NSW Work Cover and the QLD Ambulance.

Rachael Greany

Operations Manager

Having joined the TMP Team in November of 2012 I was looking to work for a team of people who are committed to a high standard of work ethics, customer service and integrity.

My work experience has been varied including working in the hospitality industry, administration and call centres from front office to management. My strengths are organisational skills, multi-tasking and getting the job done.

Having an Associate Diploma in HR, A Diploma in Business Administration Management and various customer service courses I find I am able to draw on all experiences to fulfil my role of Operations Manager at TMP.
I am qualified in TMR Traffic Management Design and Implementation and traffic control.

Karen Radich

Training and Compliance Coordinator

During my career I have fulfilled a number of coordination and office management roles within the civil, leagal or logistics sectors. . My background is predominantly legal based which has helped me to be thorough and concise in my work. As the TMP Training Coordinator my role and passion is to help the students successfully complete their studies.

Jodie Hempsall

Permits Coordinator

With a number of years of Autocad design experience behind me I was given the opportunity to spend time in the planning department which can be a challenge, although very rewarding. As the Permits Coordinator I help clients wade through the complex issues of Council and state road permits.